Temperature is rising – get those layers on!

OK then, it’s starting to get hot. Temperatures are rising – maybe as high as the +30C.

It’s time to take your, much loved, furry friend out. You always take him out in the early afternoon (by now, it’s very hot out there), don’t you?  No need to change your routine because of the weather. So, let’s get ready.

You first.  Put on a couple of heavy sweaters, gloves, woolly hat and a heavy coat. So, that’s you ready. No, sorry, forgot something – make sure you have nothing on your feet.

All righty, then. That’s you ready for the off.  What, you say this is madness?  Well, of course it is! Just as mad as taking your dog out in the sweltering heat and, maybe onto hot pavements.

Dress like I have suggested and you would collapse in a few minutes. So, why, do you think it fine to take your dog out in high temperatures.  Remember, they cannot sweat, or regulate their temperatures like us.  

Dog owners are warned, over and over again. Yet, dogs are still taken out in sweltering temperatures, left sitting in the baking sun or locked in car that is, in fact, an oven.

Our dogs, need their humans to think for them.  This means, looking out for them when temperatures are extreme.  Taking them out early in the day or later in the evening when it is cooler is caring for our dogs.  It’s very simple, however inconvenient, you must change your routine to take care of the welfare of your dog. If this means, not taking them out, then that is what you should do.

So think how you would feel wrapped up in heavy clothing in the sweltering heat – THAT is what you are doing to your dog.