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Canine Companions

There are thousands of dogs waiting to be re-homed throughout the UK. These dogs may remain in the rescue centres for extended periods (sometimes years).

Mental health problems are faced by a growing number of people throughout the United Kingdom. Dogs have been shown, in many cases, to help people suffering with different types of mental health problems.

Mike, firmly, believes that dogs can be of significant benefit for people struggling with mental health issues. It seems obvious to try to bring these two groups together who will benefit from developing a new relationship and a strong bond.

Canine Companions aims to help individuals who have been struggling with mental health issues find the right rescue dog for them.

Individuals who have already been helped along the road of recovery and, are looking to continue to improve their mental wellbeing may benefit from having a dog in their lives. Both will benefit from the new partnership – the new dog gets another chance and the new owner gets companionship and the pleasure and support afforded by looking after another living creature.

Working with Sue (First in the Q), Mike will offer help in finding and assessing rescue dogs that suit each individual wanting a dog. Sue will help individuals to improve and strengthen their mental wellbeing (using mindfulness) enabling them to better cope with the stresses and strains of daily life. Of course, having a dog means getting out and about with the opportunity to socialise with other owners and their dogs.

Mike will run short courses for individuals wanting to learn more about having a dog.

If a suitable match is found, Mike and Sue will put together a behavioural, training and mental wellbeing program to help both the individual and their canine companion to develop their relationship.

If you are interested contact Mike here.

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