Size does matter! Why you should pay attention to little dogs…

Walking in the woods with my rescued dog, Ziggy, and Sue, my wife, I came across another incident of canine aggression.

Whilst talking with a dog and it’s owner, Sue warned me that there was another dog ‘incoming.’ I thought it was just another pooch approaching to socialise with the other dogs. It was, in fact a small 9-month-old miniature schnauzer.

As soon as the dog reached Ziggy, he immediately jumped up at her and, was clearly trying to bite. I stepped in and blocked the dog, keeping it away from her. The owner reached us and, without a hint of apology or concern, said: “Oh, he does this a lot but, he’s only a puppy,” His tone suggested this was okay and only to be expected.

Here’s the thing: it is not okay. This is a behavioural problem in it’s early stages. First, get the dog castrated, second, adjust the dog’s behaviour through training (you may need a professional to help).

Do not write these sorts of incidents off as just ‘puppy’ behaviour, he’ll grow out of it. No he will not. If the dog is not handled correctly, he will go on to establish a pattern of this type of behaviour.

The result will be the dog biting another dog or human. The outcome of this may be expensive for the dog owner or, perhaps, biting a larger dog may result in serious injury to the schnauzer.

My final comment, do not think that because a dog is small it can do no harm. It most certainly can. It is our responsibility, as dog owners, to do what is right for our animals. Take RESPONSIBILITY.