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dog behaviour assistance and dog training

sometimes mans’ best friend
needs a little help

The Canine Behaviourist is here to help.

Does your dog find it hard to mix with other dogs? Is it scared? Aggressive? Or destructive?

a little about mike

Mike Wright is The Canine Behaviourist, who will help you with your dogs’ behaviour or training issues. Mike considers that in-depth knowledge of dog behaviour is essential for any dog trainer.

After his last rescued dog passed, he decided to look at other ways to help dogs and their owners.

Mike is a fully qualified Canine Behaviourist (ADipCBM), and has studied Canine Behaviour to a high level and has studied:

  • How dogs learn
  • Genetics & evolution of dog behaviour
  • The effect of brain biochemistry on canine behaviour
  • Pharmacology
  • The effect of internal & external factors on dog behaviour
  • Intelligence
  • Behavioural diagnostics
  • Professional conduct
  • Application of theory
  • Law
  • Case studies

Mike is always happy to receive referrals from vets. Referral form.

Mike can help. If you have any dog behaviour problems or, indeed any dog training issues, contact Mike here.

If you met Mike while out with your dog and he was helpful, he always welcomes a cup of coffee 😉

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