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the team

Mike & Clint

Mike is The Canine Behaviourist; he will help you with your dogs’ behaviour and your dogs’ training. Mike considers that in-depth knowledge of dog behaviour is essential for any dog trainer.

Mike is a fully qualified Canine Behaviourist (ADipCBM), and has studied Canine Behaviour to a high level covering:

  • How dogs learn
  • Genetics & evolution of dog behaviour
  • The effect of brain biochemistry on canine behaviour
  • Pharmacology
  • The effect of internal & external factors on dog behaviour
  • Intelligence
  • Behavioural diagnostics
  • Professional conduct
  • Application of theory
  • Law
  • Case studies

Mike is committed to helping owners and their canine charges to live together harmoniously.

Clint is a recent addition to the team. He came from a difficult background but is proving to be a very calm relaxed pup. Very similar to Ziggy in many respects, bringing a calmness to many situations.

Mike & Ziggy

Ziggy is no longer with me.  She became very ill with cancer last year. She had been rescued twice and brought a unique understanding of the needs of a rescue dog.

She supported me by working closely with the dogs we were trying to help.

She brought a calm, but shaggy, head to behaviour sessions.  She is sorely missed.

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