A bit of a stretch – the curse of extension leads

In every vet surgery, pet shop or any store selling pet supplies you will see them.  Hanging in their rows and plastic cases, promising the owner the perfect answer for walking their dogs.

Why, with these leads, you need never fear your dog running off again and, they get to have a good walk on their extending lead.  Fantastic right?


These types of leads are aimed at those owners that are not prepared to put the time in to train their dog properly.

Using these leads prevents a dog from experiencing a free run and a walk, free from the umbilical cord tethering them to their owner. Dogs needs to be able to explore their surrounding, be it woodland, the beach or any other area that allows them to be a dog or, indeed, to socialise properly with their own kind.

Many owners point out to me that their dogs enjoy their walk on these leads and get plenty of socialisation at the same time.  This is delusional.  The ONLY reason these leads are used are for the convenience of the owner, NOT the well-being of the dog.

These types of lead never control the dog, they just can’t run off.  They, in my opinion, represent a danger to other animal and humans; they wrap round arms and legs and cause injuries.

It is the responsibility of owners to make sure their dogs are properly trained in lead walking and recall.

So, please, stop making excuses – if you are unable or unprepared to do what is right for your dog, think carefully whether the dog is getting the quality of life it deserves.