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Pinot lost her partner and her behaviour had changed. She was showing aggression to some other dogs and other people. This was quite random and hard to predict.

I met Mike whilst out on a walk and booked a session with him.

After a couple of visits and a few tweaks, I can report to Mike:

“I just thought you would like to know that all of your assessments and suggestions have worked ! Thank you so much. I now know the environment that will probably work for her in the future, but I will be careful not to take her into situations that might increase her anxiety.”

Thank you Mike



I first met Mike by accident while out walking my rescue dog, Rosie, a few months ago – she was snapping, lunging, growling and attempting to nip anyone or anything that came near.
Within minutes she had calmed down and was taking food out of his hand and was coming closer for more!
What I had misunderstood and taken for aggression, Mike explained was fearfulness and uncertainty. From there, Mike has given me guidance, tools and training protocols and confidence in Rosie that in just a few short weeks has made a world of difference and Rosie has progressed so much already that she is able to not only be in the proximity of other dogs but can walk and be off the lead with them too!
We honestly could not thank Mike enough for everything he has helped us with – highly recommended.
Note from Mike. In the picture Rosie is wearing a muzzle. This is just an aid to prevent Rosie making a mistake. she will, very soon, be able to do without the muzzle.


I contacted Mike as I was having real problems getting my 9-month-old labrador puppy into the car.
Mike came to visit us at home. He spent time asking us questions and observing Autumn in the house and around the car. He gave us lots of advice and some help sheets.
We followed his advice and within a short space of time, she started hopping into the back of the car quite happily.
This has made such a huge difference to us as we love to take her to lots of different places for walks. She has enjoyed a visit to the beach recently which she loved.
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